Welcome to Linodians Discuss


Linodians Discuss is a forum for Linode customers and Linux enthusiast who want to share knowledge and learn from each other. Perhaps even work on building some cool tools as well.

This community is for you if:

  • you like Linux & Linode and want to talk about it
  • you have a Linode server that you need help with
  • you want to learn more about Linux and sysadmin
  • you are a Linode customer and would love to help create docs and dev tools around Linode

This community isn’t for you if:

  • you don’t know what server-side Linux is and you don’t want to learn
  • you are a DigitalOcean spy! (just kidding, Sharks are welcome too :smiling_imp:)

If you like, you can get started by introducing yourself.