Introduce Yourself!


Hey Everyone!

It would be great for new users to post a brief summary of who they are and maybe what they’ll looking for out of this community. If you need any help:

  • your name
  • what you do for a living
  • your relationship with Linode
  • what you’re going to get out of these forums

I’ll get it going.

My name is Ricardo and I am a Developer Evangelist with CircleCI and a U.S. Navy Sailor. I worked for Linode for just over 2 years and I’ve been a customer since 2010 (wow, time flies).

I’m hoping to grow this forum into a great community of Linux/Linode people. Two areas that I’d personally like to focus on his helping develop developer tools around Linode as well as building an awesome support forum. Hey, I still have trouble building email servers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to Linodians Discuss